Friday, November 15, 2013

Rosie Cheeks

I spend my leisure time hand sewing my scraps of silk into roses. If I sit down to watch a movie or TV, which is rare, I'll pick up something to do. I can't stand to be idle so roses it is. Consequently, I have a whole basket full of pretty silk flowers. What to do? What to do? (insert light bulb here) Why not dress up one of my plainer designs? Thus Rosie Cheekies were born. Because I use tiny scraps of left over projects, no two cheekies will be the same. (Well not always). There will be three of these Lavender Rose Cheekies available. I had a bit more of that color, but it's still an exclusive design.

These Blue Rose Cheekies are a one of a kind creation.

As are these Red Rose Cheekies.

 I'll continue to keep my hands busy in my spare time so I'll probably offer these in other colors at another time. If you like them they can be found here... 
Along with my other creations.

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