Saturday, February 28, 2015

I have nothing to wear

 I'm not much of a clothes shopper because I can never find what I want. I've been needing some new outfits, everything I have is either too fancy for everyday use or has been over used to the max. I'm either drop dead dressed to the nines or I'm a slob. I've been putting a lot of my time and money into getting my designs put together. So much of my fortune is in lengths of fabric at the moment. I need clothes, but I have no cash... time to liquidate some of my fabric stash. In the past, when ever patterns went on sale, I'd stock up. My thinking was that working with a fixed pattern would be easier then drafting my own. I had some lovely yellow vintage dotted swiss that I made into a dress from a vogue pattern I liked. It turned out so cute, but in the end there was a problem. I couldn't get the bias pieces to lay right on my body, no matter how much I fudged and fiddled with the piece. I gave it to Goodwill. (sadness and wasted time). Unfortunately this is a common occurrence. You'd think I'd learn. 

 I started from scratch. I decided to make my own basic slopers so that no matter what style I want it will fit properly. I didn't get rid of my vogue fitting pattern, I still opted for easy, haha. Two or three mock ups had to be made to get it right and I even ended up drafting my own sleeve because the one from the pattern didn't drape right. I don't think my body looks strange, but it sure is particular about how it wants to be clothed.

  I made sure everything was a fit by using old sheets to make mock ups. They're pretty aren't they?

I got an acceptable fit for the basic 5 but decided I'd go further with a dress block, some pants, and even a jumpsuit block as well.

I'm sure I'll still have to fiddle and fudge a little more, I've already made adjustments to the bust circle and the pants needed to be roomier. I'll keep working at it as I go, who knows, I may end up drafting all the pieces after all. I'm determined to get this right.

 Like any seamstress I have a rack and shelves full of fabrics and remakes. I've made it my goal to sprinkle my fun corset and lingerie making with designs for myself as well. I love vintage designs and quirky styles. I'm in need of some professional attire too. I'm excited to get started.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Raycie LaRaye Giveaway

***Raycie LaRaye's Giveaway***

Ok everyone, I want to start this year off with a Bang. If you all will help me get to 500 likes I will give away one of my Corset bras and two 50% off coupons for my Etsy shop, where you can use it on anything you want. I custom make my designs for any shape or size.

The winner will be randomly chosen when I reach 500 LIKES on My FaceBook page. All you have to do is.....

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Thanks Everyone and Good Luck!