Friday, January 20, 2012

Ha Ha Ha all the way Home

This is my kind of Humor. Wit, yes Witty Wit especially

Words to Live by

It's rare that I find written words that reach me. I found this poem while my Dad was battling cancer (it was key to me not losing my mind). It inspired quite a few works from me and helped me to cope with my Father's mortality as well as my own.

The Laughing Heart

Your life is your life
Don't let it be clubbed into dark submission, be on the watch.
There are ways out. There is a light somewhere. It may not be much light, but it beats the darkness.
Be on the watch.
The Gods will offer you chances. Know them. Take them.
You can't beat death, but you can beat death in life sometimes. And the more often you learn to do it, the more light there will be.
Your life is your life.
Know it while you have it.
You are marvelous.
The Gods wait to delight in you.

Charles Bukowski

I painted this picture for my father. I put every positive thought I had into it. This tree, I told him, bore fruit the year before. It's still alive and strong. The winter has set in and is challenging it to live, like winter always does,but I've never known my Dad to be bothered by the cold. I don't know if he even thought about what I said, but this is what I wanted him believe about himself.
 This painting, on the other hand, I poured all my venom into. I'll admit, I had some pretty dark feelings. So for my health and peace of mind, I got them all out. This is actually quite beautiful under a spot light. It has glass beads on it that sparkle and abalone shell that shines. I had it hanging over my bed for a time, while I brooded and hissed. Then I took it down and put it away.
 This is what the painting has become, as my Father and I have healed. There is always renewal and rebirth. A chance to see differently and change . I'm at peace now. We all die and my Dad will die someday, but my feelings for him are forever. I'm so glad that they are represented by golden light and life giving green instead of blackness and shadow.
As I was hanging the finished picture on my wall, I fell off the chair and cut my arm up on the jagged shell pieces. It was a reminder of what misunderstanding and unforgiveness had the potential of doing to me. I'm not going to let poison like that into my relationships ever again. I only have one life, and I mean to live it well. I am Marvelous and the Gods are waiting. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Water Spirit

When I was young, my family would go to the Oregon Coast for vacations. I fell in love with the Pacific Ocean. It was my first love, and has always been loyal to me. When ever I've been in it's presence, I've come away Reborn. There is no place on Earth that captures me like the stretch of coastline from Yachets to Seaside. Why is it so special? It's wild and raw, the violence of the waves Booming on the rocks gives me a thrill like no other, and the cold salty spray kisses my skin and quite literally re-hydrates it into youth. I've had more near whale experiences, while climbing on the rocks, then I can count. Many people would think that spotting a whale would be this amazing stroke of good luck, but it's really become common place for me. Once I was sitting down by the water and a water spout shot up not 5 ft from me. Where was I when this happened? Somewhere I shouldn't have been, and I was all by myself. That's become a habit of mine, communing with the dangerous tide with no back up. I went to Oregon State University for awhile, and every time it would rain and I could get away, I would head out to the beach at Newport. No one, or very few people are around when it rains. I had the entire place almost completely to myself. There are many spots that are fenced off because of shear cliffs. I usually jumped over and climbed down. Yes, well, not a good habit, but one that I've survived multiple times none the less. This is very much what I'm like.(oh my poor Mother). Some call it reckless, but I think you don't gain much if you follow all the rules. I've experienced other beaches in places that are warmer, but they don't do it for me. There isn't the same spiritual connection. That's right, when I'm sitting atop the wall at Seal Rock (my favorite spot on the whole Planet) I see God, I hear the whisper of generations in the rushing wind, I feel the greatness of Creation. I want to be able to create on this level. To make something so amazing that amazing isn't descriptive enough to explain it's enormity. Is it clear what I'm aspiring to? Well, maybe someday. Wish me luck ;)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Lights to Delight

Every May the East celebrates the birth of Buddha. In Korea, there is a lantern parade in which floats are erected and driven through the main street in the old part of Seoul. They are absolutely gorgeous and completely original every year. These are some of my favorites from 2011.
This one unites two of my favorite themes, fish and trees, I love the fins on the red fish.

This one is a traditional story about children who are saved from a Tiger by the Gods. Let me see if I can get this right- 주면 안 짭아 먹지- give it to me and I won't eat you. My Korean friends can correct this if I'm wrong ^0^.
Dragons were a popular theme, which was ok by me, I love them.
This is a traditional war boat, I think they're called turtle boats because of the way they're designed. They protect everyone on board and still allow the sailors to attack.
Another favorite motif was the lotus, which actually represents Buddha. Lotus flowers grow in murky disgusting water, but a beautiful blossom emerges out of it. It's the same with the great teacher rising above the world. The colors on this one (well all of them actually) were wonderful.

Here's a detail close up. The under structure is rattan, the outer surface is mulberry paper, and it's all decorated with ink. It's just lovely. There were so many that I was amazed by, and honestly I wish I could live in one of these somehow.

People march in thier Hanbok 한복 (traditional dress) with lanterns they make out of textured paper. I wanted to get some of these and bring them back to America with me, but where and how would I transport them without the common squishing problem?

Lucky for me, they not only sell the lanterns in a shop like this, but they also sell the special paper. I bought four packages. Each package has an uncountable amount of paper in it.

Hopefully at some point I can do something like this, Isn't it amazing? Actually, I'd probably never get this far, but it's a fun thought. Each one of these lanterns represents a family prayer, and on Buddhas's Birthday they hang them up both inside and outside the Temples. Colorful lights beautify the whole city. I'd have to say that Buddha's Birthday is my Favorite Holiday. Halloween coming in second and then Chinese New Year.

Anywho-- I got the paper back home, I picked up some paper lanterns with LEDs at the dollar store, and got to work.

This is the end product-They are beautiful in the dark, but they also go well with my hideous mustard colored paint job. I love them and they help me remember how much I love Korea and the celebrations I experienced there.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Introducing Ms Raycie LaRaye

I do a lot of things--Mostly, I create. I'm posting just a few examples of past projects. I was a Fashion Design Major--bored me just a little bit. I design for fun now, I do what I want and don't worry much about the industry, trends, etc. Creation---I sew, paint, sculpt, build, construct ^^ It makes me HAPPY!