Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Fix

This is just a quick post to update how I solved the wrinkles problem on the spandex area of my latest corset. How I salvaged it to make it wearable. If you remember how ugly it looked (here's a reminder). Such a disappointment after so much work.

I couldn't do much unless I was willing to pull it apart and redo the side panels, I really wasn't willing to do that. So I decided to go with the wrinkles. I simply changed their direction a bit. Little pinched here and there made an interesting texture and made it look intentional. Viola, problem solved. It may look a little weird, but when I put the whole outfit together, I think it will work just fine.  

So what I've learned? Because that's what I'm writing this all down for. When working with spandex, because I probably will again, flat lining it to a woven just doesn't cut it for stability. I'll need to fuse it to something strong next time. If it has a coating that I'm afraid of melting, I'll need to use a barrier while fusing to protect it. 

One last comment. I really love the shape of this corset. I think I'm getting close to perfection with the pattern and that makes me so happy.

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