Monday, January 5, 2015


I've been working on getting my Etsy shop (just the starting point) up for almost three years now. I'm happy to say that it's now live.  It's always hard to juggle what your life requires and a new goal you are trying to accomplish. Part of my struggle was having a clear vision of what I wanted. I've always known I was good at making clothing, I've worked very hard my whole life to have that skill. I've made costumes, bridal gowns, tailored suits, I even done puppet and toy design. Gosh, you name it, I could probably make it. But if I was going to really go for it and make this skill into a bona fide career, what was it that I really wanted to do? I've mentioned on earlier posts that I love corsets. There wasn't a huge amount of information on how to make them and it's an art that was slowly being lost. Luckily there are people out there who are dedicated to bringing the craft back and I've jumped on the band wagon as well. It's a niche market and to be successful, I'm going to have to be good at it.
 I AM going to have to be good, because it's what I've chosen as my career.
Under bust corsets are the easiest. I am getting better. I actually do quite well when making them for other people, my biggest challenge is making them for myself. Some would say that this is a beautiful corset, but I can already pick holes in it. I'm progressing quickly, which means my product just keeps getting better.
A basic under bust with flowers is available in my shop.

There's more to this story then " I like corsets".
 I grew up like most girls in my generation, seeing what the media had deemed beautiful, comparing myself and feeling greatly inadequate. I got tired of it when I hit thirty. I did things I wouldn't have had the courage to do earlier. I made myself be courageous. I took belly dance lessons, even though my belly wasn't solid. I performed with that belly out there and shook it for the whole world to see. I joined a burlesque troop and took my clothes off and shook some more. Some would argue that I'm an exhibitionist. I say I'm beautiful. I say my body, with all it's faults, is gorgeous. I have the right to be proud of it. Showing myself to the world has given me more confidence then I ever thought I could have. I am a well dressed, classy woman and as a whole I keep myself covered up. But, a bikini at the beach even if my stomachs not flat? You bet! Never again will I hide what I am.
So...that explained... I'll move on. It's always best when opening a store front to have a variety of different pieces that appeal to a wider range of customers. I had a great time designing the fun lingerie pieces on my site. I have a love of sexy, because now I feel sexy. When I first started out I made things for models to wear. Then I asked myself why I was throwing money away on clothes I would never use. I decided that I would be the model and then all the clothes could be personally tested out by me. What better way is there to know your product?
When I told people that I would be modeling I got comments like "huh really?, Wow that's brave, Don't you want someone thinner to wear those"? Yeah, that last one really happened.  I have cellulite and stretch marks, wrinkles and gray hair. I'm real. I'm beautiful. I make clothes for people just like me.
These Photos were taken by Susie Stout Photography.
I think she did a fantastic job.

You know, I'm sure that someone could point out at least one flaw in all of these pictures. Honestly, I'm sure some people will. So what. This imperfect body has carried me through the years and has never let me down. It continues to do what I ask of it. I love it, it's my very best friend.

So this is my vision...I want all of use to feel beautiful in our clothes. No matter what our shape or size, we all deserve that. Being beautiful is all about our attitudes, it comes from within and we all have it. I guess I want the whole world to know this about themselves.

One last thing, which I think is important. I've been blessed with good fortune. My circumstances have never been dire, but I have seen poverty and oppression first hand shelled out on my sisters all around the world. I believe in helping those who would help themselves if given the chance. Sometimes a chance is all someone needs. I plan to give $5.00 from every order on my Etsy shop to Women for Woman International.
And that's it, my reasons and my goals. I plan to have a great time and I can't wait to see some of my creations on other Beauties.

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