Thursday, May 2, 2013

That'll do pig

I bought this pretty little pig (it's what they're called in the industry) in Korea. It was the next to biggest size I could find. The biggest one was way too big and as we know it's much easier to put weight on then to take it off. So I bought this pig with the intention of helping her gain some girth so she could be useful to me.

Look at her so slim and cute.

She even has a Korean name.
I brought her home and fed her some good sandwiches and fattened her up. No wait, that was me. I just added padding to her so now she is rounded and full and very healthy looking.
I had to add the most at the waist.

Fitting around the arm hole was a challenge,
 but darts are great for things like that.

Since we can both wear the same size , draping has become much easier because I can tell exactly what I'm going to look like in a design. I don't have to waste time and effort on something that in the end won't turn out. This was well worth the effort for me.

When she needs to do a skinny gig, I just unzip the fleshy parts and hang her fuller self in the closet. It's working perfectly.
BTW it's also been very fun to see what I actually look like. I am always so hard on myself, but these measurements have been mine for the last ten years and I think they're just fine.

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