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I've been making a lot of costumes lately and so I've been combing the web in search of inspiration. I've found enough fodder to last me a good while, gosh I just love the information highway :)  I thought I'd post some of my favorites so you all could appreciate the beauty as well. I think that the time between 1905 and 1915 produced some of the most exquisite gowns in history.....
.....and so here they are for you to enjoy.

I love black and white, beads and lace, and of course the little slip of a train that makes this formal. I have always wished that we still dressed like this and had fancy parties and events to go to that call for this level of grandeur. (actually they still do in Switzerland, there is a Ball season every winter)

The posture and tiny waists are achieved through corset wearing. This silhouette has a definite S shape to it and rearranges your insides so that your stomach is located in your neck. It's a small price to pay for beauty.

This gown is by Charles Worth, he's one of the most talented designers in all the history of the world. Can you tell I love him? The detail that goes into one of his pieces is just amazing. He didn't do it all himself, he had help, but his lackeys had to be just as skilled as he was. Look at this dress, it was done long before machine embroidery was ever available. I just think of the hours it took to do all this by hand, thank goodness for modern technology.

Another Worth Creation

The Hats in this era were Fabulous!!!!

I love this dress!! Lovely, lovely, lovely

 The asymmetry is one of my favorite details with most of these designs, it makes them interesting as well as stunning.

This one is my all time favorite.

Well, I could probably keep posting forever, there are so many pieces from this time period that have made it into this century, so there's lots of great stuff to drool over. I got the chance about ten years ago to go to the V&A museum in London and see the costume display there. I literally had my nose pressed to the glass the whole time. It was heaven to see, in fact I could spend countless days there and never tire of it. I'll leave you with one more

Ok, I lied, two :) How often do you see something this fantastic in Orange?
*I'm done*

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