Thursday, March 22, 2012


I just happened to be in a restaurant and saw the mixed martial arts competitions on the many TVs that were distracting the diners from actual human conversation. I learned of a fighter named Benson Henderson. Not only is he quite adorable,
Very much so I think--it's to bad I'm so old and he doesn't know me and we don't live near each other and we aren't married. :)
but he also has something quite interesting tattooed on his arm. I noticed this after the initial drool.

It's Korean and it's a word I didn't know. (and of course he's half Korean) So I had to come home and look it up, here is what I found.

    1. 1. champion
    1. 2. warrior
    1. 3. transcription
    1. 4. fighter
    1. 5. champ
    1. 6. brave
Ok, well then, way to secretly put it out there. He has very subtly labeled himself (in a not so subtle way). The cool thing, is that he is a champion. I wonder at what point in his career he got the tattoo?
So at a completely different time, I was looking up inspiring athletes and I found this picture of another mixed martial artist. Her name is Gina Carano and she has the same word in English on her shorts. Now I'm sure this is a common word used in this line of athletics, but it's a really great word.
She is just beautiful-so strong and powerful
I'm know they use it as a motivation device. Benson probably looks in the mirror at his tat and says "that's right, I am a Warrior, and don't you forget it" He's also put it there for everyone to see. It's like he's letting the world know it's a fact, cause it's right there on his skin.
I have been working pretty hard lately, studying Korean and working on other self improvement projects. I love that the word was in Korean because I actually had to do the work to translate it. That's how one becomes 전사  by doing what it takes to earn the label. These two probably had a little natural talent, but they have worked super hard to get where they are.  They've made mistakes and been knocked down, but they didn't quit, they got up and started again. So.......Here I go.....저는 질리안 보웬이에요. 전사 난되고  싶어요.  노력하고  공부해요, 친구들이같이  하국말 싶어요. 저는 사진 속의 여자처럼되구  싶어요, 강하고  강력한. 저는  할 수있어요. 

There's the beginning. I'm sure I've made mistakes, but I will keep fighting for myself. 화이팅!

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