Sunday, January 15, 2012

Water Spirit

When I was young, my family would go to the Oregon Coast for vacations. I fell in love with the Pacific Ocean. It was my first love, and has always been loyal to me. When ever I've been in it's presence, I've come away Reborn. There is no place on Earth that captures me like the stretch of coastline from Yachets to Seaside. Why is it so special? It's wild and raw, the violence of the waves Booming on the rocks gives me a thrill like no other, and the cold salty spray kisses my skin and quite literally re-hydrates it into youth. I've had more near whale experiences, while climbing on the rocks, then I can count. Many people would think that spotting a whale would be this amazing stroke of good luck, but it's really become common place for me. Once I was sitting down by the water and a water spout shot up not 5 ft from me. Where was I when this happened? Somewhere I shouldn't have been, and I was all by myself. That's become a habit of mine, communing with the dangerous tide with no back up. I went to Oregon State University for awhile, and every time it would rain and I could get away, I would head out to the beach at Newport. No one, or very few people are around when it rains. I had the entire place almost completely to myself. There are many spots that are fenced off because of shear cliffs. I usually jumped over and climbed down. Yes, well, not a good habit, but one that I've survived multiple times none the less. This is very much what I'm like.(oh my poor Mother). Some call it reckless, but I think you don't gain much if you follow all the rules. I've experienced other beaches in places that are warmer, but they don't do it for me. There isn't the same spiritual connection. That's right, when I'm sitting atop the wall at Seal Rock (my favorite spot on the whole Planet) I see God, I hear the whisper of generations in the rushing wind, I feel the greatness of Creation. I want to be able to create on this level. To make something so amazing that amazing isn't descriptive enough to explain it's enormity. Is it clear what I'm aspiring to? Well, maybe someday. Wish me luck ;)

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  1. Beautiful writing!! I wish I could have been there right beside you, at least a couple of times.