Friday, January 13, 2012

Lights to Delight

Every May the East celebrates the birth of Buddha. In Korea, there is a lantern parade in which floats are erected and driven through the main street in the old part of Seoul. They are absolutely gorgeous and completely original every year. These are some of my favorites from 2011.
This one unites two of my favorite themes, fish and trees, I love the fins on the red fish.

This one is a traditional story about children who are saved from a Tiger by the Gods. Let me see if I can get this right- 주면 안 짭아 먹지- give it to me and I won't eat you. My Korean friends can correct this if I'm wrong ^0^.
Dragons were a popular theme, which was ok by me, I love them.
This is a traditional war boat, I think they're called turtle boats because of the way they're designed. They protect everyone on board and still allow the sailors to attack.
Another favorite motif was the lotus, which actually represents Buddha. Lotus flowers grow in murky disgusting water, but a beautiful blossom emerges out of it. It's the same with the great teacher rising above the world. The colors on this one (well all of them actually) were wonderful.

Here's a detail close up. The under structure is rattan, the outer surface is mulberry paper, and it's all decorated with ink. It's just lovely. There were so many that I was amazed by, and honestly I wish I could live in one of these somehow.

People march in thier Hanbok 한복 (traditional dress) with lanterns they make out of textured paper. I wanted to get some of these and bring them back to America with me, but where and how would I transport them without the common squishing problem?

Lucky for me, they not only sell the lanterns in a shop like this, but they also sell the special paper. I bought four packages. Each package has an uncountable amount of paper in it.

Hopefully at some point I can do something like this, Isn't it amazing? Actually, I'd probably never get this far, but it's a fun thought. Each one of these lanterns represents a family prayer, and on Buddhas's Birthday they hang them up both inside and outside the Temples. Colorful lights beautify the whole city. I'd have to say that Buddha's Birthday is my Favorite Holiday. Halloween coming in second and then Chinese New Year.

Anywho-- I got the paper back home, I picked up some paper lanterns with LEDs at the dollar store, and got to work.

This is the end product-They are beautiful in the dark, but they also go well with my hideous mustard colored paint job. I love them and they help me remember how much I love Korea and the celebrations I experienced there.

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  1. Amazing!!! This is an understatement. I expect to see these in your etsy store. I'd like to order two please!!