Sunday, February 26, 2012

If the Shoe fits

I have some amazing shoes (and some nice gams to go with them).
I'm also really lucky to have about a million nieces and nephews in my extra large family. There are quite a few of them who like to try on my super fab shoes. Many of the girls of course, but there is a certain boy that right now has the same size feet as I do (he also has great legs), he likes to try on my shoes too. Now it's pretty likely that I won't have children, but I have wondered who in this huge group of sibling offspring, if any, will fill my shoes. There has to be someone similar to me in taste and talent, it is a rather large gene pool after all. All of us are talented in some way. I just wonder if any of them will like what I like and excel at what I do.  Each one of them is so precious and I love them all so much. I hope that they will have fond memories of thier crazy aunt and her willingness to let them try on her $200 shoes. I hope they remember the hikes up to our favorite spots to watercolor what we see. I hope they all know how much I love and adore them. And yes, I do have a hope that one of them at some point will ask me how do you do that and will you teach me.

This is my beautiful niece in my stewart weitzmans

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  1. Nice! There might be a niece or nephew to follow you but there will always be only one Jill. Love you.